Fundraising with Camino is a great way for people who buy from you to give twice through one purchase: to you and your well-deserving cause, and also to family farmers in Southern countries through our fair trade business practices. The Camino fundraising program is a sweet deal for everyone.

What’s in it for you?
The opportunity to share delicious fair trade and organic goodness. Create an assortment of delicious Camino fair trade and organic certified goodies – chocolate bars, hot chocolates, baking ingredients and coffees – that you’ll use to raise funds for your special cause or event.  We offer a simple ordering process, lucrative margin on sales and delivery to wherever you need it. You can feel great about how your fundraising efforts contribute to building vibrant sustainable communities here and abroad.

What’s in it for family farmers in Southern countries?
Through our fair trade business practices, family farmers in Southern countries get your support in building positive trading relationships: a guaranteed fair price, social premiums, good working conditions and sustainable production methods.

Ready to get started?
Click here and complete the form, selecting “Non-profit or Individual for Fundraising” as the Business Category.  We will then send you a complete fundraising packet.