What kind of profit margin does Camino offer?

You’ll earn up to 50% profit margin no matter what products you sell.

What is a pre-sale?

Before placing an order with us, your fundraising team will go out into the community and collect individual orders using Camino’s order forms. You, the organizer, will then consolidate these orders into a master order form which will be processed by our order desk. The full order is then shipped to you for distribution. The advantage of a pre-sale is that you eliminate the guess work of what products to buy thus reducing the amount of product overstock.

When organizing a pre-sale, should I collect money from individuals upfront?

All fundraising orders must be prepaid to La Siembra, and for that reason, some organizations may choose to collect money from the end consumer as they place their orders. Please note, however, that should we be out of stock on a particular item and we are unable to replace it with a similar item, your organization will be responsible for reimbursing the end consumer who has purchased the missing product.

How do I pay for my order?

Orders must be prepaid by cheque or credit card. Fifteen day payment terms are available upon request and by approval of our finance department. All first orders must be prepaid.

If I choose to do a pre-sale and have to order in full cases, what do I do with the overstock of product?

Here are a few ideas: use extra product at your next fundraising event, give some away as samples to promote our products, or give them away as prizes to your top sellers!

What happens if I’ve organized a pre-sale and Camino is out of stock on a particular item?

We strongly encourage you to check-in with us before beginning your pre-sale so that we may update you on any potential stockouts. In the rare event that you have already completed your pre-sale and we run out of an item, we will do our very best to replace this item with a similar product (e.g. replace one chocolate bar or hot chocolate flavor with another).

What is the minimum order?

The minimum order is 10 cases  (mix and match). We set a minimum to allow for better shipping and processing efficiencies. This means we can better support our producer partners and stay true to our mission by using fewer resources.

How much does shipping cost?

For orders less than $300 (before taxes), the shipping fee is calculated based on the weight of your order. For orders from $300-600 (before taxes), the shipping will be a flat rate of $35 (plus tax). For orders from $600-800 (before taxes), shipping will be a flat rate of $25 (plus tax). For orders over $800 (before taxes), shipping is free of charge.

How long will it take to receive my order?

The lead time (from the time you place your order to the time you receive it) will depend on the delivery address as well as the time of year. The lead time is typically between 7–12 business days.

What do I do if the product I want to order is out of stock?

We do everything we can to avoid product stock outs, however, on occasion we do run out of our most popular items. If we run out of the product that you want to purchase you can either substitute for another item, put your order on hold until the missing item is back in stock or ship the order without the item and place an additional order once it is back in stock.

Can I purchase ingredients for a bake sale fundraiser?

Camino offers a wide range of Fair Trade and Organic ingredients in bulk formats from cocoa powder and raw cane sugar to chocolate chips and even gourmet chocolate couvertures!

Where can I find allergen information on our products?

Visit the products page of our website where you will find allergen statements for all Camino products.

How can I order more catalogues?

Simply send an email to orders@camino.ca (along with your order form if you are placing an order) stating the number of catalogues that you wish to receive and in which language (French or English).

Can I request product samples?

Order a sample pack at a discount to present to your fundraising group and get them hooked on Camino!  Visit our Contact us page, select ‘I am interested in Fundraising with Camino’ from the drop down menu and inquire about our sample packs using the Comments field.

Do you offer promotional materials?

We have an online promotional tools section on our website for your convenience.

Do you ship chocolate during the summer months?

Unfortunately we are unable to ship chocolate by UPS when the temperature rises above 21°C.  We can however, ship other products such as coffee, hot chocolate, and sugar during this time.  For large orders, we can ship chocolate products by temperature controlled truck, however premium shipping charges will apply.  Please contact us for a freight quote in this case.

For more information, please contact orders@lasiembra.com.

To learn more about our products and our mission please visit us at camino.ca,  join our Facebook group Camino Amigos, follow us on Twitter @caminolala or send a request to media@camino.ca to sign up for our newsletter!