Tips for a successful pre-sale fundraiser

 1. Plan ahead!  The earlier you start, the more people you can reach, the more money you can raise towards your fundraising goal!

2. Build a solid team.   If you are leading a group of volunteer fundraisers you may wish to identify a few key people to take on specific roles:

a) A people person.  Someone who is organized and who can send out short and friendly reminders to all those raising funds (or to parents of students) reminding them of their goal, their deadlines and important updates.  Have this person promote your fundraising event using community or school newsletters, social media, email etc.

b) A numbers person. 
Someone who can count the money as it comes in and track your progress towards your fundraising goal.

c) An inventory manager. 
Someone who can review the order when it arrives, report any missing items and distribute the items to all the fundraisers.

3. Set a clear fundraising goal.  A clear goal will help your team stay motivated, focused and on track.  Be sure to promote your goal to your customers whether it be to raise funds for team uniforms, school supplies, a field trip, etc.. Having a clear goal will allow your customers to visualize where their money is going and will be an incentive for them to buy.

4. Keep everyone informed.  Remind your fundraisers periodically before their orders are due, give specific instructions for collecting money, motivate your team!

5. Educate your team on the benefits of Fair Trade.   Coach them on talking points and conversation starters to help them introduce their cause to potential customers.  The Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN) has some great resources on the Fair Trade School Resources page of their website:

6. Expand your reach.  Gather support for your fundraiser by reaching out to people at your workplace, congregation, book club or at community events. This is where social media comes in!

7. Provide incentives!  Award a prize such as a goodie bag of Camino products to your top seller(s).

8. Tell your consumers why they should buy Camino!

  • Did you know that Camino is a pioneer in fair trade that works closely and exclusively with democratically organized groups of small-scale farmers from 9 different countries?
  • Did you know that we are a Canadian Co-operative based out of Ottawa-Gatineau whose employees are co-owners of the business demonstrating our commitment to the alternative trade model?
  • Did you know that we are 100% Fair Traders meaning that ALL our products are fair trade and organic certified?

9. Get feedback for your next fundraiser.  Ask your fundraisers what worked and what didn’t so that your next fundraiser will be even more successful. Let us know any feedback you receive so we improve our program.

10.  Feel Good knowing that your efforts have helped a cause in your community while contributing to the livelihoods of small-scale family farmers in the South.