La Siembra is a worker-owned co-operative that has been in business for more than 17 years. We welcome new investors who believe that business can be ethical while providing fair value to growers, producers, investors, employees, and engaged consumers.

La Siembra considers its commitment to Fair trade to be the cornerstone of our mission-driven business model. All of the products we distribute are Fairtrade or Small Producer (SPP) certified.

By purchasing a minimum of 250 Class A preference shares at $10 each ($2500 minimum), you will be supporting the work of a growing ethical business, and you will be helping to provide a livelihood to thousands small-scale farmers in the 9 Southern countries we are currently working with.

Class A Preference Shares:

  • Minimum $2500 investment
  • Par value at $10 per share
  • 5 year term ~targeted 5% dividend
  • RRSP/TFSA eligible
  • Maximum cumulative investment is $100,000 per offering            

La Siembra’s Class A Preference Shares are not traded on any stock exchange, and consequently you have the opportunity of corresponding directly with us here at La Siembra for all matters related to your investment.

By law, under the Co-operative Corporations Act, La Siembra cannot guarantee dividend payments, however each year La Siembra endeavors to issue dividends to shareholders as declared by La Siembra’s Board of Directors.

To date, we have raised $1.4 million through the sale of preferred shares which have been invested to support small producer livelihoods and fair trade activities.

All of the equity raised through our Offering Statement will be used for working capital purposes to fund the ongoing operations of the Co-operative. As such, it will help to reduce the amount of U.S. dollar denominated debt and our foreign exchange exposure, and help finance the future growth and investment in Fair trade activities and enable value chains that support small-scale producer livelihoods and commodities.


Please contact our office if you have any questions, or if you would like a copy of the documents required to invest in the future of Fair trade and Worker Owned Enterprise.