1,000 family farmers
Product: Camino Sunrise coffee, Ciao! Espresso coffee  

The Central Co-operative of Multiple Services of Nicaragua, known by its Spanish acronym PRODECOOP, is a leader in the international fair trade movement. The farmer members grow and export over 4 million pounds of coffee annually, all of which is sold into the fair trade market. PRODECOOP is a second-level co-operative that brings together 38 village-level co-operatives comprised of about 1,000 small farmers, 30 percent of whom are women. Growers and producers are located in different communities and coffee areas of the departments of Estelí, Madriz and Nueva Segovia in northern Nicaragua.

The co-operative provides services such as marketing, agricultural extension services, training, credit, capacity building of co-operatives, coffee quality programs, and social development projects. Continuous education of members to expand each member’s ability to be a strong farmer and a leader in her or his co-op and community is a hallmark of PRODECOOP’s wonderful history. Internationally, PRODECOOP farmers and staff are leaders in the fair trade movement and in the specialty coffee industry. The Quality Control laboratory at PRODECOOP is a model many other farmer groups have emulated. PRODECOOP was a founding member of the Fundación de Pequeños Productores Organizados, which created the standards for the Small Producers Symbol (






«  … que nuestra gente viva mejor, que tenga mejor educacion, que las mujeres tengan sus espacios de participacion y toma de decisiones, que tengamos oportunidades de vivir mejor, esto es Desarollo Cooperativo. » Guillermo Quintero