1,500 family farmers
Product: Cocoa beans

COCABO (Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples de Cacao Bocatereña, R.L.) is the first agricultural co-operative of Panama. It was founded in 1952, with twenty small-scale family farmers. Most family farmers cultivate premium quality cocoa. COCABO’s production system is based on the principles of fortifying family farmers’ organic plantations that are oriented towards providing for their financial and material needs. Socially speaking, they fortify local economies starting with the organic farming family, which is the nucleus of rural development. This stimulates savings, local markets, and provides food staples to premium quality markets where the services we provide are recognized. We have been collaborating with COCABO since 2008.

COCABO’s mission is to promote the social, cultural, and economic development of its members through a diversification of agricultural, commercial, and educational activities. Read more >