Herbal tea

Restore yourself with the invigorating aroma and flavour of peppermint. Cooling and sparkly. Caffeine free.

Tea bag composition

  • Dual-chambered made of all-natural abaca paper (a fibre derived from a species of the banana plant)
  • Material free from: chlorine and epichlorohydrin
  • String: organic cotton

Where does it come from?

This herbal tea includes peppermint grown by family farmers in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. One of the farms in eastern Washington is run by two brothers who oversee the management of the crops and finances while family members fill positions in other areas of the farming operation. The family takes great care in the growing and harvesting of their high-quality, organic peppermint.


Case of 6 boxes x 20 tea bags

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List of ingredients

Organic peppermint.