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Our impact. Your impact.

Explore the path Camino products take as they make their way
from the farms to your home.

Sowing the seeds of change

Our journey begins on small-scale farms in the Global South where the seeds of our products are planted. There, the farmers we work with have democratic control over their land and their organizations. They make choices to improve both their community and the environment for present and future generations.

Direct relationships

For more than two decades, we’ve fostered direct, lasting relationships with small-scale farmers and their organizations, built on respect, transparency, and fairness in our supply chains.

Planet-positive practices

Throughout the growing season, the farmers tend to their crops with care, using regenerative and organic agricultural practices. All Camino products are certified organic – this means better for your health, the health of the farmers and the wellbeing of our planet.



of international co-operation


Our history is rooted in relationships with co-operatives. Since our incorporation as a worker co-op in 1999 we have worked in solidarity with producer co-ops, credit unions, retail food co-ops, and consumer co-ops across the globe, building a better world through social solidarity. 



and 39 farmer co-ops


Farmers stand together, and we stand with them.  Our co-op promotes transparency and fairness in the supply chain with farmer organizations. We have worked with some of the same farmers for more than 19 years!



from small-scale family farms


Our ingredients are grown by small-scale farmers. Trading fairly with growers who are among the most marginalized people in the world is one way to alleviate poverty. Democratically organized small-scale farmers bring positive change to their families, their communities and transform local economies.

Independent and democratically-run

Much like the organizations of small-scale farmers who grow our ingredients, our business is owned and governed by its workers and is organized democratically based on one member one vote.

Environmental impact

We think about the supply chain from farm to table and the value we leave with the farmer cooperatives. We make thoughtful choices regarding our logistics & routes to minimize our carbon footprint. Where possible, we work to find solutions to reduce packaging. All our ingredients are grown using regenerative and organic agricultural practices.

Power of choice

The final journey before our products make their way to your home, is from our warehouse to the stores. We partner with distributors and retailers across the country to ensure you can find Camino products close to home and make choices that bring positive change.


of fair trade organic ingredients


We believe that we should do right by the small-scale farmers who produce our food, as well as for the future generations. That is why all our products are made with fair trade and organic ingredients. 100% fairtraders. 100% organic – Non GMO.


in fair trade premiums


In addition to receiving a fair price for their crops, our producer partners earn a fair trade premium. At the end of each year, producers gather at their co-operatives’ general assemblies to vote on how the fair trade premiums should be used within their communities.


plastic wrappers diverted from landfills


We are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact. Packaging waste is one of our main concerns. Our chocolate bar outer wrappers are made of recyclable and FSC certified paper. And since 2013, our inner wrappers have been made out of wood pulp, making them 100% compostable!

Beyond the products

You can make an impact too

Our Camino fundraising program is a sweet deal for everyone – you raise money for your well-deserving cause with products that bring positive change.

Building sustainable communities

You are organizing an event that brings positive change and is in line with our vision? Feel free to get in touch. We’d be happy to see if we can support your efforts!