Promotion and education tools

We are very excited to offer you an educational toolkit on the Fair Trade component of the joyful food revolution. It has been designed to help you facilitate activities in your classroom or community that will teach children and youth about Fair Trade, and particularly about Fair Trade cocoa and chocolate. This toolkit is the result of collaboration between Clay McLeod, an experienced teacher, and La Siembra Co-operative, creator of the Camino brand.

Download Camino’s Educational Toolkit

Thank you for being a part of the joyful food revolution and raising awareness about Fair Trade.

The Ontario Co-operative Association has also just recently published an educational tool they have named ALL 4 EACH. It is a booklet containing a series of five lessons, suitable for high school civics, business and world studies classes, which present co-op philosophies and introduce the co-operative business enterprise model in an informal setting. Access this resource here.

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