Camino’s Maple hot chocolate: a truly canadian treat!

This rich and velvety hot chocolate will please vegans, foodies and children alike. It’s made with organic maple sugar from Citadelle, a co-operative of maple syrup producers in Québec.

Here are just 3 of the reasons why Camino’s Maple Hot Chocolate is becoming a family favourite:

#1: It’s made with real Canadian maple sugar

We’re proud to partner with a fellow Canadian co-operative to bring you our newest hot chocolate. “Nothing says Canada quite like maple syrup, so it made perfect sense for us to partner with Citadelle who have been trailblazers in Québec’s maple syrup industry since 1925,” says Mélanie Broguet, Marketing and New Product Development Manager at Camino. The result of this happy marriage: a rich, dark, and velvety hot chocolate with just the right touch of maple.

#2: It’s bringing together co-operatives from North and South

Camino’s Maple Hot Chocolate is the result of a proud collaboration between producer co-ops in the North and South: from maple producers in Québec, to cocoa producers in the Dominican Republic and sugar producers in Paraguay.

Unlike conventional businesses, the co-operative business model focuses on democratic participation, sustainability, and benefits for members, rather than just profit. “It is great to work with an organization that shares the same values as ours. As a co-operative, we are proud to be working with Camino on this product. It is the perfect union between chocolate and maple”, says Kévin Néron, Business Development Director at Citadelle.

#3: It’s stirring up good ol’ fashioned Canadiana
Camino’s Maple Hot Chocolate is a good reason to bring family and friends together. Whether sipping a cup by the lake or getting nice and toasty for another cold Canadian winter, it’s the perfect recipe. It also makes a special gift for hosts, kids and loved ones – a gluten-free, fair trade and organic one at that!

So go ahead, put on your plaid shirt and grab a big mug of Maple Hot Chocolate. There are more than enough reasons to try it!

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