Compostable packaging for a sustainable chocolate

Did you notice a difference recently when you bought one of our chocolate bars? Yes, it’s the packaging! There is no longer that thin layer of aluminum that used to cover our old compostable packaging. The inner film is now completely transparent!

Why this change?

The inner packaging of our tablets has been compostable since 2013. However, their metallic appearance was confusing, giving the impression that they should be thrown in the bin. Also, even though they were compostable, they were leaving some aluminum particles in the compost. So our packaging supplier worked hard to develop a new compostable film that guarantees the same level of preservation of our chocolate bars as the previous compostable film but without the aluminum layer.

Here is an overview of our new packaging:

Specifically, the new inner packaging consists of a film made of wood pulp from responsibly managed forests and supply chains (FSC certified). You’ll also notice the words “PLASTIC-FREE, made from sustainably harvested wood – compostable” in green writing on the film. This new packaging is home & backyard compostable. We invite you to consult, at the bottom of the page, the standards and certifications related to the internal packaging.

This wrapper is home & backyard compostable and decomposes in 8 to 10 weeks!
See for yourself with this short video.

As for the external packaging, it is still made of acid-free paper, also from responsibly managed forests and supply chain (FSC certification), with vegetable-based ink printing.

Offering more responsible products is our way to show we care about people and our planet.

At Camino, many causes are close to our hearts and make us work tirelessly to improve our offer and our products. Whether it’s defending the interests of the small-scale farmers who make our delicious products, or sourcing organic and fair trade raw materials, we are fully aware of the modern challenges facing the world and want to be part of the change.


Standards and certifications related to internal packaging:

Industrial composting Certified: EN13432, EN14995, ASTM D6400 and ISO 17088
Domestic composting Certified: OK Compost Home
Anaerobic digestion Approved: ISO 15985
Marine biodegradable Approved: ASTM D6691-09

How to recycle our chocolate bar wrappers?

Inner biofilm Outer wrapper
Home compost YES NO
Green bin/industrial compost YES NO
Garbage YES NO
Recycling NO YES

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