We at La Siembra Co-op have some great news to share!

Our co-op, creator of the Camino brand, is excited to announce a new partnership with Equal Exchange Co-operative. We are proudly bringing Equal Exchange’s most popular fair trade and organic products to the Canadian market, notably their coffees, teas, nuts and dried fruits.

Who is Equal Exchange?

Equal Exchange is our sister co-op located in the US. 

Like us, they are a worker co-op – a democratically-run and employee-owned business – and like us, they are pioneers in fair trade.

Equal Exchange is a leader in fair trade who is renowned for developing delicious fair trade and organic coffee roasts since the mid 1980s, all the while building enduring relationships with coffee co-operatives around the world.

Our co-ops have collaborated on various projects over the years and we are now pleased to announce that La Siembra has joined forces with Equal Exchange to advance the work of authentic fair trade, to defend hard-won gains, and to bring small-scale farmers and citizen-consumers closer together. 

We are optimistic that Canadian consumers will appreciate not only the quality of these coffees, teas, nuts and dried fruits, but also the exciting cross-border collaboration of our two pioneering fair trade worker cooperatives.” Rob Everts, Co-Executive Director of Equal Exchange

Stay tuned for more details on new Equal Exchange products to come!

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