New chocolate bars to celebrate our 20th anniversary

Three delicious reasons that will make a difference!

You may have noticed that many high quality chocolate bars make sustainability claims on their packaging. However, just because we are now more globally aware of the poverty, inequality, and forced labour issues in cocoa regions does not mean that corporations and governments have made enough progress. For that reason, it is more important than ever to vote with your dollars for a traceable chocolate bar that has democracy and equality included in the ingredients. To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we have launched new chocolate bars giving you the consumer, 3 new delicious reasons to support democratically organized cocoa farmers.

#1 – Looking for a rich and creamy chocolate bar made without milk or cane sugar?

We’ve got one! We combined coconut milk and coconut sugar with our signature chocolate base to create this perfectly smooth indulgent treat. This plant-based alternative to milk chocolate has all the chocolate flavour of a dark chocolate bar — there is 55% cocoa content — with the sweetness and creaminess of a milk chocolate. The amazing flavour and texture is the result of magic performed by our receipt development team as well as the superior farming techniques used by cocoa producers in Peru and the Dominican Republic and coconut growers in Indonesia.

#2 – For chocolate aficionados who dare to push boundaries and experience higher levels of cocoa, we bring you Nightfall.

This deeply dark yet very smooth chocolate bar is made from 92% cocoa and features beans from our newest producer partners in Togo. This is a whole new level of dark fair trade chocolate that we can’t wait for you to try.
We are working with two farmer co-operatives in Togo — Scoops Procab, and IKPA. The two cooperatives combined are made up of over 850 members located in the regions around the cities of Kpalimé and Badou in south western Togo, close to the border of Ghana.

#3 – For your midday cravings, we present you with our new Dark Chocolate with Whole Almonds and Sea Salt bar!

We added sea salt to our original almond bar to tease your taste buds, AND we added whole roasted almonds for an extra satisfying CRUNCH. Sweet, salty, and crunchy chocolate. Now you have it all!


As part of our 20th Anniversary, we will feature photos and stories about the early activists and founders of Camino on the inside of the wrappers of our chocolate bars. These individuals helped build a better today for chocolate consumers and cocoa growers. Their efforts were the foundation of the fair trade standards that are today recognized globally and that benefit tens of thousands of small-scale farmers across the globe. We are humbled to have the opportunity to honour their efforts.

Ask for our three new chocolate bars at your favourite community store and join us on the “Camino” (path in Spanish) as we build a better future with democratically-organized small-scale farmers!

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