Switch to bulk, for the planet and your wallet!

Now, more than ever, every action counts. With global concerns like climate change and pollution, many people have realized that they can make a difference and reduce their ecological footprint by changing their habits. One change that can have a big impact is reducing or eliminating food packaging by switching to bulk purchases.

Reducing food waste

Selling products in bulk has many benefits for retailers, consumers, and the planet.

The first positive impact is the reduction in food waste. Indeed, bulk purchasing gives you more control over the quantities you purchase.  Buying only what you need makes it easier to avoid throwing away any leftover ingredients you might end up with after you’ve cooked your meals and desserts. Bulk purchasing can even encourage you to broaden your horizons and experiment with new dishes so you can finally make the recipe that calls for that spice you haven’t tried yet without worrying that you will waste what you don’t use.

Fewer packaging

The second positive impact is the absence of packaging. This prevents thousands of packages from ending up in landfills each year, as well as fighting deforestation (from paper and cardboard packaging) and greenhouse gas emissions (by preventing polluting factories from producing plastics and other petroleum-based containers). Bulk purchasing also allows you to reuse your own containers and avoid buying new ones.

Bulk saves money too!

Finally, buying in bulk saves you money! Buying products without packaging allows you to save hundreds of dollars each year by avoiding the packaging costs included in the price of most items in store. Depending on the product, you can aim for 10-30% savings by buying bulk… that’s quite significant!

Bulk is good for the planet and for your wallet!

Canadians familiar with Camino are showing a growing interest in finding our popular products in the bulk food section of their favorite shops. Together we can make a difference by collectively reducing our ecological footprint while continuing to strengthen our social impact.

As a Canadian co-op, we are proud to support bulk purchasing and the zero-waste movement through our offering of fair trade and organic Camino and Equal Exchange ingredients!

The choice is yours:

  • Camino cocoa powder
  • Camino Sugar
  • Camino Shredded Coconut
  • Camino Hot Chocolates
  • Camino Chocolate Chips
  • Camino Chocolate Couverture
  • Equal Exchange Cashews
  • Equal Exchange Almonds
  • Equal Exchange Mango Strips
  • Camino unwrapped chocolate bars … Not yet! Help us assess the interest here 🙂

Your local grocery shop doesn’t carry Camino or Equal Exchange products? Let us know, or ask for them now by offering our bulk catalogue to any grocery shop you care about. 

Together we can make a difference!

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