All Camino products are made from premium quality organic ingredients.

Premium quality organic ingredients are key to building vibrant sustainable communities here and abroad. Organic and shade grown agricultural techniques are healthier for you, family farmers and the environment. Traditional growing techniques that rely on natural pest control rather than chemical pesticides are used to grow all ingredients in Camino products. Every single Camino product is certified organic by QAI.

Organic guarantee QAI (Quality Assurance International) is one of the best-recognized international certification agencies and a global leader in Organic certification. All Camino products are certified organic by QAI. Find out more about our certifier at

Shade grown agricultural techniques mean intermixing a crop (in most cases, cocoa or coffee) with shade-giving trees. Many family farmers have diversified their harvests through shade-giving trees, growing various fruit and other food crops for themselves and their families. A natural shade canopy helps to protect species living in cocoa or coffee producing areas, providing a much-needed habitat for many species of birds and animals. Decomposing foliage from shade producing trees provides fertilizer for crop. The creation of a bird habitat provides a natural form of pest protection. This serves to enhance both biodiversity and economic stability.

Who harvests the organic ingredients for Camino goods?

Co-operatives of family farmers in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru, Paraguay, Panama, Guatemala, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. All co-operatives meet the rigid standards of organic certification and are also Fairtrade certified.

Did you know?

Organic practices:

  • Promote the diversification of plants and trees;
  • Provide an ecological equilibrium;
  • Reduce the incidence of plagues and disease;
  • Fertilize the soil with harvest residuals;
  • Generate additional income through the premium paid for certified organic products;
  • Enrich family diets with fruit from shade-giving trees; and,
  • Generate additional income through the sale of additional fruit harvest from shade-giving trees.