Values & Mission


We envision a world where people collaboratively build vibrant local and global communities, fostering diverse and sustainable economies through equitable trade and environmental stewardship.


We, the worker-owners of La Siembra Co-operative, are committed to a model of equitable trade rooted in co-operation and the social solidarity economy. We offer consumers high-quality ethical products through partnerships with producer co-operatives that foster sustainable livelihoods and community development. We believe in meaningful, dignified employment and are guided by the co-operative principles, by the fair trade principles, and by a respect for the environment.

Environmental commitment
La Siembra Co-operative: A respect for the environment

  • Our ingredients are organic, therefore, promoting biodiversity and preserving the land;
  • Our chocolate bars are packaged in two different types of inner wrappers;  the inner wrappers are made of wood pulp and are biodegradable/compostable, the outer wrappers are made of recyclable material and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC);
  • Our four hot chocolate labels are printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper that comes from mixed sources (recycled and managed forests);
  • Our marketing materials and chocolate bar wrappers are printed with vegetable-based inks on acid-free paper;
  • We source hemp/organic cotton T-shirts for staff members;
  • We use recycled products wherever possible, including recycled promotional materials, packaging and office supplies;
  • We source materials from green-oriented businesses wherever possible;
  • We employ the services of an environmentally-friendly green cleaning company;
  • We are located in downtown Ottawa so as to make public and self-propelled transport an option for our employees;
  • Through our sponsorship program, we support Canadian environmental organizations or initiatives; and,
  • We are committed to shortening our supply chain where possible and making improvements that improve the eco-miles behind our products