Enjoy fair trade organic allergen-free chocolate!

First Sugar Free – 100% Unsweetened Chocolate Chips from a Canadian Co-operative

Ottawa-based Camino®, renowned for certified fair trade and organic chocolates, is expanding its line of market-leading fair trade organic baking items to include Sugar-Free, 100% Unsweetened Chocolate Chips. The unique 100% cacao chocolate chips contain no sweetener – just pure, clean organic cocoa mass and butter – and are made from only premium ingredients harvested by small-scale organic farmers in Peru.  Working with growers throughout the Andean jungle and making use of new technologies, Camino® and its partners have formulated and refined this new production over the past year.

Cuisine Camino Chocolate Chips, as well as its other baking chocolates, have the following product attributes:

  • Certified Fairtrade
  • Certified Organic – NO GMOs
  • Made in a dedicated allergen-free facility
  • Vegan-Friendly (NO DAIRY, NO EGGS, NO CASEIN)
  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Soy-Free
  • Kosher
  • Free of priority allergens:  NO milk, NO peanuts, NO tree nuts, NO gluten, NO wheat, NO eggs, NO sesame, NO soy, NO mustard, NO sulphites, NO casein, NO lupin, NO seafood (fish, crustaceans and shellfish)

“With the new addition of the Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips to Cuisine Camino’s ever-popular chocolate chip baking line, it brings a new alternative choice for consumers.  In keeping with Camino®’s mission of ethical and organic premium products; missing in the market was a ‘clean’ premium chocolate product for the keto, paleo, and sugar-free alternative lifestyles, in an easy-fun format that consumers can use to bake and/or snack on and help control their sugar intake.”  Isabel Martins, Manager of Sales & Distribution

Along with the launch of the Camino® Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips, released is the latest ‘MINI’ version of the ever popular Camino® semi-sweet 55% chocolate chip.   Previously only available to manufacturers and industrial clients in larger bulk formats, Camino® consumers have requested that the ‘MINI’ also be available in a smaller retail size pack.

Camino®’s two new chocolate chips are sure to please all types of consumers.  The Camino® brand, already known, for its ethical, fair trade and organic products, release these new chocolate chips that are also vegan, made in a dedicated allergen-free facility and free of the top priority allergens in Canada; allowing everyone to enjoy!

Both products are available in 225g packages, MSRP $7.49 and in-store as of October 2018 with national grocers with larger organic/natural food sections and independent health food stores across Canada.

A story of fair trade and international collaboration

The new chocolate chip products are a natural extension to Cuisine Camino baking line, Canada’s top-selling line of fair trade organic baking ingredients.  Small-scale farmers in their co-operatives have benefitted substantially from the support of La Siembra Co-operative, owners of the Camino brand, and other fair trade buyers such as Equal Exchange (US) and Pronatec (CH).

By re-investing fair trade and organic price premiums into their farms and fermentation equipment, small-scale farmers partnered with La Siembra (and others) have improved quality, allowing Camino® to serve chocolates with higher percentages of cocoa.  The Camino® dark hot chocolates and Camino® chocolate bars with more than 70% cocoa content are category leaders in Canada.  The high premium quality also helps boost farmer income. Quality premiums, over and above the organic and fair trade premiums are earned by farmer cooperatives working with Camino®.

Join us on the ‘Camino’ (which means path in Spanish) as we build a future with democratically organized small-scale farmers!  

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