How to choose the best hot chocolate?

The return of the cold weather makes us want to curl up on the sofa and enjoy some delicious hot chocolate! In fact, a few days ago, a Camino fan asked us a very good question: “What type of hot chocolate should I choose and what intensity could enhance and sweeten my daily delight?”

If you too are looking for the ideal hot chocolate powder that is just right for you, here are our Camino tips and tricks to make your hot chocolate delicious!

You prefer a quick and easy hot chocolate

If you want a hot chocolate for your everyday consumption, we recommend you use our instant Camino hot chocolate powders: Original Milk or Original Dark. They are great and very easy to prepare. Both contain milk powder for your convenience. One is creamier, the other one is more chocolatey. You can add hot water or hot milk for a smoother result. These will certainly be appreciated by children and adults alike!

If you’re more into a quick hot chocolate drink but with the dairy substitute of your choice, no problem! Our Camino Simply Dark Hot Chocolate is quick and easy by simply adding the milk substitute of your choice. It’s a perfect hot chocolate to enjoy with family and friends while respecting everyone’s preferences.

You like picking your hot chocolate according to your mood

We have created two hot chocolate powders with two distinct flavours. For those sweet afternoon treats, our Camino Maple hot chocolate from the Quebec cooperative Citadelle will bring back memories of the sugar shack with its comforting aroma and taste.

If you need to be invigorated, awaken your senses, or spice up your day, try our Camino Chili and Spice Hot Chocolate with its aromatic spice blend of cinnamon, ginger and cayenne pepper.

You’re more of a hot chocolate connoisseur

If you’re looking for the intensity of chocolate in a cup, we highly recommend our Camino Intensely Dark drinking chocolate. It’s the perfect pick-me-up after a hard-working day to be savoured in the comfort of your couch.

This hot beverage contains chocolate (cocoa paste and cocoa butter) in powdered flakes, combined with cocoa powder. This mixture gives a richer, luxurious taste experience. You can add milk or serve it in an espresso cup. If you are looking for an interesting drinking chocolate recipe, we suggest you try this herbal combination with added rosemary: Rosemary Drinking Chocolate.

Are you adventurous? If so, add a dash of Peppermint Schnapps, Grand Marnier, Amaretto or Baileys to this drinking chocolate to vary the flavours.

You enjoy making hot chocolate from scratch

Finally, if you prefer to make your own hot chocolate by choosing all the ingredients, you can either use our Camino Dutch-processed cocoa powder or our Camino chocolate bars as a base. If you use our cocoa powder, you will want to add a sweetening agent, vanilla, milk of your choice and perhaps other flavours for variety (spices, chocolate chips, marshmallows, lavender, etc.). If you use our chocolate bars, you will want to melt them over low heat with milk or any dairy substitutes for an incredibly rich and comforting winter beverage.

So, which is your favourite type of hot chocolate? Feel free to share your favourite Camino hot chocolate with us on social media, along with your creative recipes or tips. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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