Introducing NEW biodegradable and compostable packaging

Camino’s classic 100 g chocolate bars (the 12 flavours made in Switzerland) *inner wrappers are now biodegradable and compostable! The inner wrappers are made of wood pulp and are biodegradable/compostable.
Our four Camino bars made in Italy are packaged with inner wrappers made of aluminum, which are recyclable.
All outer wrappers are made of recyclable material, printed with vegetable-based inks on acid-free paper and certified by the Forest Certification Council (FSC).

How to dispose of the new biodegradable and compostable inner wrapper?

  • Compost bin – place the inner wrapper in your compost collection bins to be picked up by your city composting program.
  • Home composting – dispose of the inner wrapper in your backyard or home composter (please note this will take longer to degrade).
  • Garbage – as a last resort, if no access to a compost facility or a home composter, please dispose of our inner wrapper in the garbage. This option should be your last resort as waste does not easily biodegrade in landfills as there is too little light, oxygen and water to allow this process.
  • NO recycling – even though it looks shiny and silver, please do not put this inner wrapper into your recycling! It is made of biodegradable and not recyclable material, so it will not work in the regular recycling process. However, the outer wrapper is still recyclable. 
  • Be sure to check with your municipality to ensure this innovative inner wrapper is accepted in your local composting collection.
  • A last reminder: the inner wrappers of our four Camino bars made in Italy, are made of aluminum and are recyclable.

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