La Siembra Opens Warehouse

We started slowly on March 20 and by the first week of July, we were in full swing at the newly opened La Siembra warehouse in Ottawa. The warehouse represents a major change for our worker-owned co-operative. For the first time in more than 15 years, all of the Camino foods shipped to customers throughout Canada will be processed and packed up by our own team.

“This new strategic step in the evolution of our cooperative to in-source storage and fulfillment has several purposes.  Most importantly, taking care of the food and shipments ourselves will ensure stricter storage conditions for our foods, increased freshness, and more accurate order fulfillment.  Secondly, we will create employment in the cooperative sector locally by hiring worker-owner-track warehouse team members.  Thirdly, we will strengthen the co-op financially by capturing efficiencies to lower operating costs and building assets.” – Josiane, Warehouse and Inventory Manager

To celebrate the event, La Siembra will host a Warehouse Open House Party at our new location. Look for an invitation soon.

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