New coffees from Camino

Great coffee only comes from great farmers. So the coffee journey begins on the farm, with the dedication and craftsmanship of the small-scale farmers of Prodecoop and Co-op Norandino. Our commitment to building direct long-term relationships with our producer partners helps ensure Camino receives the best quality green coffee beans available. Add to that the roasting expertise of our partners, Les services adaptés Transit, and we have the recipe for a most delightful cuppa. Transit will roast micro-batches of 40–60 kilos of coffee on a fabulous Toper TMK roaster to maximize quality and freshness. Camino Amigos can choose from 6 new delicious favours, from light caramel to rich chocolate notes.

Artisan grown

Cooperativa Norandino is an association of small-scale coffee producers made up of 90 grassroots organizations with more than 6,600 producers, located on the western slopes of the Andes in northern Peru. All of Cooperativa Norandino’s coffee is grown by family units. The average area farmed by members is 1.8 hectares (about four acres). The structure of small property allows them to dedicate all their efforts on the cultivation of coffee without damaging the forest and fruit species which serve as shade trees to the coffee and supply an important part of the families’ diets. When we last visited Norandino co-founder Arnaldo Neira Camizán (in photo) he noted, “Together with our grassroots organizations we work permanently to promote sustainable and fair human development by broadening the capacities and ensuring respect for the rights of small-scale farmers and producers in the highlands of Piura.”
For over 30 years, Prodecoop in Nicaragua has been a leader in the fair trade movement. With 38 village level organizations totaling approximately 2,300 members, the co-op proudly boasts a 30% women ownership. Prodecoop provides services to farmer members such quality production, processing and marketing services, gender equity programs, climate change adaptation strategies, and food security and sovereignty efforts to create a truly democratic organization.

Artisan Roasted

Roastmasters Michél and Pio are each in the 5th year of tending the custom roasted beans produced by Transit for their own customers and several private label customers like Camino. Whenever we visit, Michél is the picture of concentration – carefully examining the beans being roasted to get that right roast profile. The man and his Toper TKM-X 120 drum coffee roaster act as one.
Camino has developed three roast profiles to bring out the best in our beans.  

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