Organic farming: Benefits for people and our planet

Nowadays, more and more people are paying special attention to the food they eat and where it comes from. Whether for health or environmental reasons, the purchase of organic products is on the rise, and many are trying to include this practice in their daily lives. 

It is in this context that Canada’s Organic Week is taking place from September 13th to 19th. This week-long celebration organised by both the Canadian Organic Trade Association and Canadian Organic Growers is a time during which events are organised on farms and in retail stores across the country. It is also the perfect opportunity for consumers to try organic products, and for Camino to highlight the importance we place on using organic ingredients in all our products.

What is organic?
Organic farming is based on respect for soils, ecosystems and people. This type of farming, therefore, prohibits the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and GMOs. In general, organic farmers favour crop rotation and foster greater biodiversity on their land. These techniques produce healthier and higher-quality products that preserve the health and safety of the people in our communities.

Benefits for the planet
Due to the absence of chemicals, organic farming preserves the nutrients in soils that are necessary for the life and development of thousands of insects and plant species. The land remains fertile for generations, unlike the land used by industrial agriculture, which quickly becomes poor. In addition, water management is monitored within the framework of organic farming to minimize waste of this resource, to prevent soil erosion, and to prevent the pollution of groundwater.


Within the context of climate change, organic farming presents interesting solutions that can help reduce energy consumption (manufacturing synthetic fertilizers requires lots of energy), reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and keeps CO2 in the soil.


Benefits for people

Finally, organic farming makes a real difference for small-scale farmers around the world. Indeed, farmers exposed to chemical pesticides on a daily basis are more likely to develop cancer and neurological diseases. In addition, not having to buy polluting chemicals and machinery saves many farmers a lot of money and has positive health and environmental impacts within their community.

Organic cocoa farming

At Camino, we care about people and our planet, and both are an integral part of our mission. We use only organic and simple ingredients in our products. The small-scale farmers with whom we work practice organic farming and agroforestry to grow cocoa and many other crops as well. For example, cocoa farming under forest cover consists of intercropping cocoa trees with other trees, thus creating a more diversified habitat for the growth of fauna and flora. As a result, these crops provide an ideal habitat for birds which in turn offer a form of natural protection against pest infestations. In addition, the leaves from other plant species create fertilizer for cocoa trees when they decompose. 

Together we can rebuild healthier and more sustainable environments by supporting organic farming practices that promote biodiversity. 


Thank you for making a difference by choosing organic and fair trade products!

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